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New CMWG publication: Life in the margins

New CMWG publication: Life in the margins

IMBER is pleased to announce the publication from CMWG on Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability

Living on the Margin in the Anthropocene: engagement arenas for sustainability research and action at the ocean–land interface

BC Glavovic, K Limburg, K-K Liu, K-C Emeis, H Thomas, H Kremer, B Avril, J Zhang, MR Mulholland, M Glaser, DP Swaney



  • The Earth's ocean–land interface (the Margin) is critical for global sustainability.
  • The Margin is highly diverse in character and much remains to be discovered about this realm.
  • The 21st century will see unprecedented developmental pressure on the Margin.
  • The Margin is both vulnerable and resilient to anthropogenic impacts.
  • Expanded understanding of Margin systems, resources and processes is urgently needed to enable governance for Margin sustainability.

To learn more about CMWG, please check: http://www.imber.info/Science/Working-Groups/Continental-Margins