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New IMBER endorsed project ! BIOBAM


Barite bio-organi-mineralization processes at mesopelagic depths

The BIOBAM project (Bio-Ogano-Minéralization de la BArytine en Zone Mésopélagique) will focus for the first time on the black box of subsurface & mesopelagic particles fluxes in order to provide a better understanding of the link between the processes of barite formation, degradation and remineralization of OM and the characteristics of exported particles, and their dependency on ecosystems structure. In particular, BIOBAM will investigate the role of minerals, planktonic and prokaryotic communities and hydrostatic pressure on both (i) the variability of exported biogenic materials and C remineralization processes in the mesopelagic and (ii) the subsequent barite precipitation inside these micro-environments. Indeed, while previous in vivo experiments of barite precipitation and OM degradation (most of them unsuccessful) and of particles aggregation have all been performed under atmospheric pressure, we will realized in this project close to in situ experiments, using pressure-controlled batch-incubation to simulate particles sinking throughout the mesopelagic zone.

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