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Two new IMBER endorsed projects: VOCES & BIGSOUTH


Variability of Ocean Ecosystems around South-America (VOCES)

The overall goal of this project is to assess the impact of climate variability-both natural and anthropogenic-on the Humboldt, Patagonia, and South Brazil Large Marine Ecosystems. These ecosystems are among the most productive of the southern hemisphere, sustain more than 20% of the global fish catch, host unique biodiversity and absorb CO2 at rates comparable with the most significant uptake regions in the World Ocean. To achieve the project’s goal we propose a two-pronged activity plan that, on the one hand, will synergize extant research programs through the coordination of efforts and, on the other hand, will fill the research gaps left by those programs through the encouragement of collaborative research. We will link the efforts of scientists, educators, and program managers from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Uruguay and the US.

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BIoGeochemical cycles in the SOUTHern Ocean: Role within the Earth System (BIGSOUTH)

The BIGSOUTH project (Biogeochemical cycles in the Southern Ocean: role within the Earth system) aims at achieving a detailed understanding of the processes controlling functioning and strength of the oceanic biological pump for representative key areas of the Southern Ocean, including open ocean and sea-ice covered areas, in order to upgrade present day assessments of the carbon sequestration capacity and nutrient cycling in the Southern Ocean and possible impacts on the global ocean. Therefore, we apply a unique combination of stable isotope (natural and spiked isotopic abundances), geochemical tracers, trace element and modeling tools to study the relevant biogeochemical processes and control factors (including Fe) acting on the fluxes of carbon and the two major macronutrients N and Si in the open and seasonally sea-ice covered water column.

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