Abstract submission

Abstracts are required to be submitted for both oral and poster presentations. All abstracts are to be submitted via the Registration link [registration link]. Refer to the important dates [important dates link] for details on the opening and closing dates of abstract submissions.

Once submitted, all abstracts will be assessed for their suitability and their relevance to the theme sessions. Refer to the theme sessions for details of their content. Once assessed, lead authors will be notified of their acceptance.

An author may be the first author on only one abstract submission.

Abstract formatting

Abstracts must be clearly and concisely written in good English. If English is not your native language please consult someone fluent in English. Good writing improves the speed and effectiveness of review. The abstract should be typewritten in Times Roman, size 11 font with single spaced lines throughout the whole abstract. The only text that can be in italics are scientific names. Use capital letters only when the letters or words should appear in capitals. Please remove hyperlinks from email addresses and webpages included in the text. Please check symbols, abbreviations and technical terms for accuracy, consistency and readability. This will assist in the layout and formatting for the Program Handbook.

Abstract content should be in the following order.

  • Title: Use capital letters only when the letters or words should appear in capitals – do not capitalise the entire title. The title should clearly and concisely describe the abstract content and should be kept as short as possible.
  • Authors: Authors should be listed in the order in which they are to appear at the head of presentation/poster. List each author, last name first followed by initials, using numbers to identify multiple author addresses/affiliations. The lead author should be identified.
  • Author addresses: each address should be listed on a separate line and superscripted to match to author´s names.
  • Lead author contact email: list the lead author´s contact email. Remove any hyperlinks associated with the address.
  • Abstract: The abstract should be a maximum of 300 words. Do not indent the first line of each paragraph of the abstract. Do not add graphics, tables, keywords or references.

Presentation type: Poster/Oral/No preference.

Please identify the theme the abstract is most suited to.

An example abstract is provided here