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Marine and human systems:

Addressing multiple scales and multiple stressors

27-30 October 2015, Trieste, Italy


The fourth in IMBER's IMBIZO series will be held at the Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia and Geofisica Sperimentale (OGS) in Trieste, Italy, from 27-30 October 2015. (IMBIZO is a Zulu word meaning a ‘meeting or gathering’). Monday 26 October is a bonus day, devoted to workshops on scientific writing and publication, how to write a successful funding proposal, and data management. All IMBIZO participants are welcome to attend.



The IMBIZO comprises four concurrent and interacting workshops. Each workshop will include oral and poster presentations to showcase the current state of knowledge in marine and human systems and their governance. Discussion sessions will synthesize current knowledge and identify key questions to be addressed by the IMBER research community. Each workshop will produce a scientific product, for example a synthesis paper or special issue.

The topics of the four workshops are:

Workshop 1: Marine ecosystem-based governance: From rhetoric to reality

Workshop 2: Coastal upwelling ecosystems as models for interdisciplinary studies of climate and global change

Workshop 3: Integrated modelling to support assessment and management of marine social-ecological systems in the face of global change

Workshop 4: From regime shifts to novel systems – evaluating the social-ecological implications of lasting ecosystem changes for resource management



1. The general structure of the IMBIZO IV is now available New!

View and download the general structure at: http://www.imber.info/index.php/Meetings/IMBIZO/IMBIZO-IV/IMBIZO-IV-Structure

2. Two bonus workshops on 26 October New!

On Monday 26 October, there will be two bonus workshops! One on scientific writing and publication, and the second, on how to write a good (and hopefully successful!) science proposal. The time and venue for these will be advertised on the website very soon. Everyone is welcome to attend. No registration necessary

3. Guidelines for posters

All IMBIZO participants should prepare a poster, even those who are giving an oral presentation. This is to maximise communication and interaction between the four parallel workshops. There will be two poster sessions. You will be informed when you should be available to present your poster and answer questions.

Posters should be A0 size, vertical (portrait) orientation (841 ×1189mm, or  33.1 x 46.8 inches).

Poster Printing in Trieste New!

Poster can be printed at Eliografia San Giusto, Via Torrebianca, 14 | 34132 Trieste (phone: 040 367555,  Fax: 040 367666, http://www.sangiustosrl.it) located in the city center of Trieste.
Anyone interested can write directly to the shop (sangiusto@sangiustosrl.it) arranging the printing with them.
Costs: poster printing is around 30-40 euros that have to be paid directly to the shop.
Timing: the file for the poster can be sent by email and posters will be ready in one day at the shop.

4. Hotel reservations

Block bookings have been made for IMBIZO participants at the two guesthouses on the ICTP campus.  There are 40 rooms available in both the Adriatico and the Galileo guesthouses. Rooms can be shared to reduce costs. Please send booking information as soon as possible to ensure a reservation.

Reduced rates have been negotiated at other hotels. For more information about the accommodation and how to make reservations see: http://www.imber.info/index.php/Meetings/IMBIZO/IMBIZO-IV/Accommodation

5. IMBIZO dinner venue Updated!

Important deadlines

  1. Financial support application deadline: 
    6 August 2015
  2. Early bird payment ends:
    16 August 2015
  3. Hotel reservations at reduced rates end:
    31 August 2015 
  4. Final registration fee payment deadline:
    1 September 2015


Download the IMBIZO IV poster  
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