IMBER has become IMBeR!

New name and logo to reflect the new phase of IMBeR

After 10 successful years of facilitating research towards a better understanding of marine biogeochemistry and ecosystem processes under global change, IMBeR is embarking on its next 10-year phase with an increased focus on the integration of marine and human systems. A new science plan and implementation strategy that will direct IMBeR science towards “Ocean sustainability under global change for the benefit of society” is being finalised. To emphasise this new focus, we have changed our name! We are now the Integrated Marine Biosphere Research project (IMBeR), and we have a new logo to reflect this. The waves within the circle represent the range of marine ecosystems between the open and coastal ocean, and the circular ‘I’ represents the letter I for integrated human and marine systems depicting appropriate governance and adaptation to and mitigation of global change to achieve ocean sustainability.