IMBER welcomes three new members to its Scientific Steering Committee (SSC)

Marion Glaser, Mark Dickey-Collas and Alistair Hobday have joined the IMBER SSC 

Marion Glaser from the Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology in Bremen, Germany integrates social science knowledge to support the development of sustainable human-nature relations in the marine realm. She has considerable experience with participatory research into regional social-ecological dynamics in Bangladesh, Belize, Brazil and Indonesia. She is also engaged in the creation of international knowledge and science-policy networks that respond to the “grand challenges” of global sustainability research. Her current work explores the potential for transdisciplinary site- and ecosystem-specific collaborations to advance cross-scale, multi-level analysis of the social drivers of social-ecological change.

Mark Dickey-Collas brings expertise in linking marine sustainability science with marine policy and conservation issues. He hails from the ICES secretariat in Copenhagen, Denmark where he is the “ecosystem approach coordinator”. He explores approaches to meet marine management challenges, while at the same time taking science needs and opportunities relevant to the stewardship of the oceans into consideration. Paramount to this is converting and providing the science as evidence to guide policy development.

Last, but definitely not least, Alistair Hobday from CSIRO in Hobart, Australia is no new comer to IMBER, having served two terms as co-chair of the CLIOTOP regional programme. He has been brought on board to help IMBER develop and implement approaches to adaptation, for natural and linked socio-ecological systems. This is linked to his current research which investigates the impacts of climate change on marine biodiversity and fishery resources, and develops and tests adaptation options for fisheries and aquaculture to underpin sustainable use and conservation into the future.

We are delighted to have all three of them as part of the SSC at least for the next three years.