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17 September 2018, Monday

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Session 1: Advances in observation and modelling of physical and biogeochemical processes in the West Pacific region

Jianzhong CHEN, Richard BELLERBY, Jianzhong GE Seasonal changes of pelagic ecosystems in the East China Sea
Fahui GONG, Guihao LI, Kedong YIN, Jun GONG Diversity and distribution of pico- and nano-eukaryotes in the coastal upwelling waters off Hainan (South China Sea)
Jinqiang GUO, SK LIANG, YF WANG, XJ PAN Distribution and bioavailability of dissolved organic matter in Changjiang Estuary during dry and wet seasons
Chenglong LI Decomposing monthly declines of subsurface-water pH and aragonite state from spring to autumn in the North Yellow Sea
Xiaoshuang LI, Richard G.J.BELLERBY, An-qiang YANG, Ya-wen WEI Extending our understanding of the marine carbonate system in the Changjiang Estuary and adjacent East China Sea shelf using Artificial Neural Networks
Zhijian LIN, Xiaochun WANG, Peng XIU, Fei CHAI Phosphate boundary transport of the East China Sea and its influence on biology
Sumei LIU, Nian WU, Hongmei ZHANG, Guiling ZHANG Nutrient variations in the lower reach of Huanghe and their impacts on the Bohai ecosystem
Xiaolu WANG, Y WU, H WU, LJ QI, JL DAI Organic carbon distribution and budget in the Changjiang Diluted Plume based on chemical analysis and numerical model
Yawen WEI, Richard BELLERBY High precision measurements for carbonate system
Qiong WU, Xiaochun WANG, Xianqiang HE, Wenhao LIANG Validation and application of SMAP SSS observation in chinese coastal seas
Ruiming WU, Hui WU Distributions and transports of the diluted water from major rivers in East Asian Marginal Seas
Tianning WU, Hui WU Tidal mixing sustains a bottom-trapped river plume and buoyant coastal current on an energetic continental shelf
Haiyan ZHANG, Simeng QIAN, Liang ZHAO, Hao WEI Preliminary analysis of formation mechanisms of summer low oxygen zone in the Bohai Sea
Zhichun ZHANG, Fei CHAI, Yi CHAO Variability of the Pacific North Equatorial Current based on a 1/8˚ Pacific Model Simulation
Yanchu ZHAO Distribution of virioplankton in Caroline Seamount of the tropical Western Pacific Ocean
Session 2: The response of marine ecosystems to natural and anthropogenic forcing: past, present and future
Huayang CAI, F LIU, L REN, S OU, Q YANG Decadal variability of tidal dynamics in the Pearl River Delta: spatial patterns, causes, and implications for estuarine water management
Xiaogang CHEN, Neven CUKROV, Jinzhou DU Submarine groundwater discharge in a typical anchialine eco-system, Zaton Bay, Croatia
Narainrit CHINFAK, Nuporn TOMET, Penjai SOMPONGCHAIYAKU, Ying WU Diurnal changing of nutrients in seawater inside and outside coral reefs zone of Mo Ko Same San, Chonburi Province
Jinlong DAI, Qi YE, Ying WU, Xiaolu WANG, Jie JIN, Huiping XU, Meng ZHOU Niche partitioning of key bacterial and archaeal groups along the Changjiang River Estuary to the East China Sea
Futao FANG, Zhuoyi ZHU, Jinzhou DU,Bing DENG, Yueying LIU Reconstruction of historical trends via preserved sedimentary pigments from sediment cores sampled from the Changjiang Estuary
Shujin GUO, Xiaoxia SUN, Mingliang ZHU, Junhua LIANG, Zengxia ZHAO Spatial and temporal variation of transparent exopolymer particles in a semi-enclosed bay: the Jiaozhou Bay, North China
M Shahanul ISLAM, Jun SUN Variability of phytoplankton sinking rates with related to physico-chemical parameters after northwest Pacific typhoon activity in the transects near Philippine current in Western Pacific Ocean
Shuo JIANG, Jing ZHANG, Ruifeng ZHANG, Yun XUE, Wei ZHENG Dissolved lead in the East China Sea with implications for impacts of marginal seas on the open ocean through cross-shelf exchange
Jie LIU,Richard G.J. BELLERBY, Jianzhong GE Ecosystem-based management under a changing environment via outputs from coupled marine physical and biogeochemical models and participance of stakeholders
Jing LIU, Richard BELLERBY,YW WEI,XS LI,AQ YANG Characteristics of the East China Sea shelf carbonate system in the early summer
Xiaona WANG, Ying WU, U.K.PRADHAN, Zhuoyi ZHU, Hongyan BAO, Guosen ZHANG, Jing ZHANG The impact of typhoon induced hydrological variation on nutrient and organic carbon dynamics in the Nandu River on Hainan Island, South China Sea
Yali WANG, Tangrong HE, Fenfen ZHANG 1H NMR spectroscopy of dissolved organic matter in the Changjiang Estuary
Anqiang YANG, Richard BELLERBY Are changes in N:P ratios in coastal waters the key to change harmful algal blooms species?
Fenfen ZHANG, Dan WU, Jing ZHANG A micro-Raman and synchrotron radiation XANES study of coordination mode for iron in black coral
Kun ZHU, Ying WU, Jing ZHANG, Moritz MüLLER, Shan JIANG,Aazani MUJAHID Impacts of land use change on the sedimentary organic matter in peat−draining rivers, Sarawak, Malaysia
Avianna ZHUKOVSKAYA, A.A.CHESNOKO, A.A.KOSJYANENKO,V.P.CHELOMIN Impact of CuO nanoparticles on protein oxidation in Mytilus Trossulus
Session 3: Responses of Society to global change in marine systems: ways forward
Xiaobo LOU, Yao WEI, Wancong DUAN, Harada SACHIKO Joint management of local fishery in Japan and its performance evaluation : A case study of the Sarufutsu Village in Hokkaido
Sheng-Yuan TENG, Ming-An LEE, Nan-Jay SU Assessing the vulnerability of fishery villages influenced by climate change and anthropogenic activity in the coastal zone of north Taiwan
Hong WANG, Zhan HU A new way of guiding wave dissipation by vegetation in SWAN
Xiaofan ZHANG Correlation analysis between marine ecosystem health and marine industry agglomeration

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IMBeR Endorsed Project MCS-CNS Poster Shucheng Xie - Mechanisms of marine carbon storage and coupled carbon, nitrogen and sulfur cycles in response to global change