Innovation Challenge 5: Interventions to change the course of climate impacts

IC5: Interventions and IMBeR

IMBeR Grand Challenges (GCs):

  • GCI: Understanding and quantifying the state and variability of marine ecosystems
  • GCII: Improving scenarios, predictions and projections of future ocean-human systems at multiple scales
  • GCIII: Improving and achieving sustainable ocean governance

The IC5 links to:

  • GCI – when will intervention be needed?
  • GCII – outcomes and testing of interventions
  • GCIII – social acceptability and governance of interventions

Focal question:

How can human intervention reduce the impacts of climate change on ocean life and human well-being?

Objectives of the Interventions Innovation Challenge

  1. What is the extent of regional scientific cooperation relating to climate change adaptation and what are some of the approaches to facilitating cooperation?
  2. How are regional fisheries management organizations and/or regional sea arrangements responding to climate change and supporting adaptation by marine-based industries?
  3. What transboundary area-based management approaches for increasing ecosystem resilience have been implemented and how effective are they?
  4. What are the major impediments to adaptive management at the regional level?