Endorsed Projects

IMBeR aims to provide an open, flexible framework to encourage national, regional, and international participation in its scientific activities, to achieve its objectives as outlined in the IMBeR Science Plan and Implementation Strategy. Endorsement of marine research projects and activities is one way of becoming part of the IMBeR community.

List of current endorsed projects 

Atlantic Meridional Transect (AMT)
Collaborative Research and Education Project in Southeast Asia for Sustainable Use of Marine Ecosystems (CREPSUM)
Gulf of Trieste – Time-series (GoTTs)
Marine Ecosystem-based Management Progress Evaluation Group: tracking the global progress of EBM (MEBM-PEG)
Negotiating Ocean Conflicts among Rivals for Sustainable and Equitable Solutions (NoCRISES)
Importance of Physico-Chemical cycling of nutrients and carbon in Marine Transitional Zones (NUTS&BOLTS)

Benefits  – Why seek IMBeR endorsment? 

a.    Enhanced scientific coordination and cooperation

  • Facilitates cooperation with other IMBeR activities, projects and programmes in similar fields and/or addressing similar issues, including through information about IMBeR-related research cruises; 
  • Provides an international framework to help assimilate, integrate and synthesise the outputs of IMBeR-related research;
  • Enhances the scientific value of research through the provision of complementary information, for example, a wider (spatially and temporally) range of studies, or co-authorship of synthesis articles. 

b.   Enhanced communication, outreach and visibility

  • Swift and wide communication of ideas and outputs via the IMBeR network, workshops, conferences and publications, newsletter, website and mailing list;
  • Increased visibility of your project via its description on the IMBeR website, advertising of its activities and outputs, and its annual reporting to IMBeR’s sponsors;
  • Other opportunities to communicate and disseminate your project research outputs to other researchers, the public, marine resource managers and policy-advisers or decision-makers;
  • Receiving of the IMBeR newsletter as one source of information about IMBeR activities and work of other IMBeR researchers. 

c.    Improved funding opportunities

  • Provides an international framework for your research, which can help to leverage support and funding;
  • Strengthens national funding proposals through links to IMBeR and other IMBeR-endorsed projects;
  • Increased access to information related to funding and the science community via the IMBeR contact database. 

d.   Strategic involvement and development

  • Opportunities for co-organising, co-sponsoring workshops, conferences and meetings organised by IMBeR – a collaborative, internationally recognised project;
  • Invitation to submit new ideas and suggestions for workshops, and different types of activities and support. 

e.    Improved data management system

  • Enhanced scientific value of your project through a cooperative metadata management approach;
  • Improved interaction with specialist data centres through the IMBeR Executive Officer (data liaison person);
  • Access to data management documentation and training sessions;
  • Access to metadatasets collected in IMBeR-related studies, and development of a common data management strategy. 

f.     Support in capacity development

  • Access to information directly sent to IMBeR-related community about IMBeR summer schools – international, high-quality, innovative training sessions and knowledge exchange fora, for early-career researchers;
  • Publication of early-career scientists’ work in the IMBeR newsletter;
  • Networking opportunities for early-career researchers;
  • Enhanced networking opportunities for early-career researchers with peers and more senior scientists at IMBeR meetings, including through mentoring activities;
  • Access to data management documentation and training;
  • Access to the IMBeR website for posting and obtaining job vacancies. 


Responsibilities of the leader of an IMBeR-endorsed project are as follows:

  • Comply with the IMBeR general principles and goals (see, IMBeR Science Plan and Implementation Strategy);
  • Ensure open access to project data, in accordance with IMBeR principles for international data exchange (see, IMBeR Data Policy);
  • Include key project metadata to the IMBeR metadata portal within six months of project endorsement;
  • Acknowledge your project´s affiliation with IMBeR in key products, including the project website and scientific papers (e.g., by including the statement ‘This study is a contribution to the international IMBeR project’ in the acknowledgement section of publications). The IMBeR logo is available upon request;
  • Provide a short annual report for the IMBeR Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) on the progress of your project (Report Template);
  • Use the IMBeR outlets (newsletter, website, e-bulletin, …) to inform the community of the project´s progress;
  • Collaborate with other members of the IMBeR community to facilitate the synthesis of IMBeR research and expand the IMBeR network of researchers and stakeholders;
  • Inform the IMBeR IPO of products and publications resulting from the project;
  • Be an ambassador for IMBeR and promote IMBeR activities where appropriate.

Endorsement criteria, process and guidlines


Project endorsement depends primarily on the project’s relevance to IMBeR science. Activities that seek IMBeR endorsement should address at least one of the IMBeR themes and/or priority topics outlined in the IMBeR Science Plan and Implementation Strategy.

In addition, applications for IMBeR endorsement will be considered according to the following criteria:

  • High scientific merit / quality;
  • Multidisciplinary or integrated perspective;
  • Dissemination and outreach that will lead to better public knowledge. 

Process – How to have your research project endorsed by IMBeR

Projects that are already funded
If your project is already funded and the research is relevant to areas defined in the IMBeR Science Plan and Implementation Strategy, just complete the Endorsement Form and send it to the IMBeR International Project Office-China

Before submitting it, please consider the project’s responsibilities regarding IMBeR’s data management policy and the other items outlined in “Responsibilities” above.

If IMBeR has a national representative in your country, inform him/her about your project (see, IMBeR National Network)

Your request will be considered by the IMBeR Endorsement Committee, which could request additional information. If the project is considered appropriate for IMBeR endorsement, an official letter of notification will be sent to the project leader.

Please note that IMBeR has developed a NASA Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) metadata portal for all IMBeR endorsed projects. Together with the official letter of notification, the project leader will also be asked to complete a form with the metadata information of the project.

Projects that are not yet funded (New policy since 2018!)
Although IMBeR will not endorse projects until they are funded, applications for endorsement are accepted for projects that have not yet secured funding. If approved by the IMBeR Endorsement Committee, an unfunded project will then be eligible for letters of support from IMBeR. Once funding is secured, the project will then be eligible for endorsement, and depending on the project in question, this may require submission of an updated application.

Letters of support

IMBeR can will provide letters of support for projects that have passed through the endorsement application process, either becoming endorsed projects or those that have been approved but are pending funding. Letters of support will not be issued for projects that have not applied to become an IMBeR-endorsed projec