Mini Symposium


A mini symposium is being organised as a part of the outreach activities of IMBeR and its Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) with the Sorbonne University and the l’Institut de l’Océan. The IMBeR SSC members are convening their annual meeting this year in Paris, at Sorbonne University’s Faculty of Science. This IMBeR meeting provides an ideal opportunity to connect with French national institutions and scientists to learn about each other’s research foci and future strategies. The mini symposium is an opportunity to share knowledge on hot topics for the development of ocean and human science for local and global solutions.
The mini symposium will lead to Output 6 of the IMBeR SSC meeting: to identify key marine science and biosphere research topics for the future.

Mini Symposium Agenda

08:40-09:00Welcome Coffee
09:00-12:3014 Mini Symposium Part 1: Ocean Sciences for Local and Global Solutions   Moderator – Diana Ruiz Pino   Rapporteur – Marion Gehlen
09:00-09:0514.1 Introduction and aims   Presenter – Diana Ruiz Pino
09:05-09:1514.2 Welcome address by the Director of Research and International Department, Sorbonne University   Presenter – Philippe Agard
09:15-09:3014.3 From IMBeR’s Legacy to its Future   Presenter – Alice Newton
09:30-09:4014.4 Coast and Sea Community of Knowledge, Research Director IRD   Presenter – Stéphanie Duvail
09:40-09:5014.5 ‘Mission Bougainville’: Embarking the Navy in Ocean Sciences, Director of L’Institut de l’Océan I.O. (S.U.)    Presenter – Christophe Prazuck
09:50-10:0014.6 Ocean Trends, CNRS, SCOR Past President, Vice-President of IOC Executive Council   Presenter – Marie-Alexandrine Sicre
10:00-10:1514.7 Questions, suggestions, discussion
10:15-10:30Coffee Break
10:30-12:0014 Mini Symposium Part 2: Natural and Social Science for a Sustainable Ocean. Examples of French Ocean Research Hot Topics.   Moderator – Diana Ruiz Pino   Rapporteur – Jingling Ren
10:30-10:4014.8 Modelling Insights into the Bhysical and Biogeochemical Constraints of Macroalgal Carbon Dioxide removal   Presenter – Manon Berger
10:40-10:5014.9 Biodiversity, Ocean Circulation and Marine Protected Areas   Presenter – Francesco D’Ovidio
10:50-11:0014.10 Biological Crisis and Sulphur Stress   Presenter – Berengère Broche
11:00-11:1014.11 Learning-Based Simulation of Marine Biological Dynamics   Presenter – Ronan Fablet
11:10-11:2014.12 The Seven Domains of Ocean Sustainability   Presenter – Joachim Claudet
11:20-11:3014.13 The Ocean at the Heart of Humanity, Ecological Art, Tree Aesthetics   Presenter – Hélène Artaux   [recording]
11:30-12:0014.14 International Panel on Ocean Sustainability, CNRS Director   Presenter – Françoise Gaill
12:00-12:1514.15 Questions and Discussion, Perspectives for Marine Biosphere Research, Key Topics for the Future (Output 6)
12:15-14:00Lunch: Restaurant les Belles Plantes, Jardin de Plantes

Output 6 Identify key marine biosphere research topics for the future