Human Dimensions Working Group (HDWG)

Established in 2011, this working group focuses on the interactions between human and ocean systems. Its motivation stems from the recognition that humans not only influence ocean systems, but also depend on ocean systems for goods and services.

The HDWG’s goal is to promote an understanding of the multiple feedbacks between human and ocean systems, and to clarify what human institutions can do, either to mitigate anthropogenic perturbations of the ocean system, or to adapt to such changes.

During its first phase, the HDWG developed I(MBeR)-ADApT – an integrated assessment framework and learning platform for global change response. I-ADApT is a decision support tool that builds on knowledge learned from past experience of responses to global change, to enable decision makers, researchers, managers and local stakeholders to:

  1. triage and improve their responses; 
  2. make decisions efficiently to transition towards marine sustainability; and 
  3. evaluate where to most effectively allocate resources to reduce vulnerability and enhance resilience of coastal peoples to global change.
Now the focus of the HDWG is much more about capacity building and several workshops and training sessions are being planned. More information coming soon.

Collaborating institutions and organisations