IMBIZO 7: Transitioning towards sustainable ocean governance by 2030: Commitments and Challenges

23-26 September 2024

ECR day organized by IMECaN on 22 September 2024

Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II (IAV) in Rabat, Morocco.

Event poster

More information coming soon.

What are the IMBIZOs?

IMBIZO is the Zulu word for ‘a gathering’. IMBeR IMBIZOs are designed to address current research topics, facilitate transdisciplinary research, and provide assessments of current understanding and future research needs. IMBIZOs are held every second year, and are relatively small conferences (around 120 people) that consist of concurrent workshops, each of which considers an important research topic. In addition, plenary presentations provide overviews for each workshop, and cross-cutting activities and poster sessions allow integration across workshops. Discussion sessions of current knowledge help to identify key questions or hot topics to be addressed by the IMBeR research community.