IMBeR Structure

Scientific Steering Committee (SSC)

IMBeR’s main decision making body is its SSC. The SSC is responsible for providing scientific guidance and overseeing the development, planning and implementation of IMBeR. The committee meets annually and decides upon policy and future research. 

International Project Office Canada (IPO-Canada)

The International Project Office Canada (IPO-Canada) provides day-to-day administrative support for IMBeR, supports all SSC activities and facilitates communication both within and outside the project.

International Project Office China (IPO-China)

The International Project Office China (IPO-China) was originally established as a Regional Project Officer (RPO) in 2011 at the East China Normal University in Shanghai. In January 2020, it  transitioned into the IPO-China. In addition to assisting the IPO-Canada in its administrative and fund-raising tasks, the IPO-China focuses on promoting IMBeR activities in the Asia-Pacific region, facilitating IMBeR’s Continental Margins activities.

Working Groups and Regional Programmes

The implementation of IMBeR science is facilitated by working groups established to consider specific research topics.

In addition, four research programmes are a mechanism for regional implementation of IMBeR research. Regional Programmes have their own science and implementation plans and they facilitate collaboration and communication between national and international projects.

National Contacts

National Contacts who are involved in IMBeR relevant work around the world, are appointed to ensure broad international participation and collaboration to support the development and coordination of IMBeR.