Focus Study Groups

IMBeR IPR Study Group

Indo-Pacific Region: marine biogeochemistry, biodiversity, sustainability study group

Led by Shan Jiang, Aazani binti Mujahid, Deo Florence L. Onda, Romanus Edy Prabowo, Fan Wang and Jing Zhang


  1. Determine material fluxes in the sea areas across the IPR between the Pacific and the Indian

  2. Observe marine biodiversity in the sea areas across the IPR

  3. Understand the multi-spheres (Atmosphere-Hydrosphere-Biosphere-Lithosphere) interactions in the IPR in terms of future climate changes

  4. Enlarge oceans’ contribution to the people for the sustainable growth by employing scientific research activities

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IMBeR OC-PC Study Group

Ocean Color based Plant species identification and Carbon flux in the Indo-Pacific oceans: A Study Group

Led by Young-Je Park and Fang Shen

Work Program (2022-2032)

  1. Develop algorithms to quantify carbon fluxes mediated by marine biosphere
  • for plant species identification for the Indo-Pacific Ocean basins*
  • for chromophoric dissolved organic carbon (matter) in each basin
  • for plant pigments / particulate organic carbon in each basin
  • for suspended inorganic particulate matter in each basin
  • Modeling carbon flux in each basin*

        2. Synthesis for the East Indian and the West Pacific Ocean

  • Generate distribution maps for each basin*

        3. Training session – one session a year


*GOCI-II full Disk areas: The Eastern Indian Ocean (Bay of Bengal, Mid Indian Basin, West Australian Basin) and the west Pacific Ocean (Northwest Pacific Basin, Central Pacific Basin, Philippine Sea, West Mariana Basin, East Mariana Basin, West Caroline Basin, East Caroline Basin, Tasman Sea, Southwest Pacific Basin)

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IMBeR CMWG Chinese Case Study

Chinese Marginal Seas Case Study Group

Led by Su Mei Liu

Topic: Eco-environmental assessment and sustainability for the Chinese marginal seas

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IMBeR Eutrophication Study Group

Led by Dongyan Liu and Peter Thompson

Contribution to the IMBeR Grand Challenge 1

The group reviews

  1. The diversity of eutrophication and the response of marine ecosystem on eutrophication
  2. Nutrient reduction policy and its effects in different countries
  3. How to consider climate-driven effects on nutrient reduction policy?
  4. What is our expectation on after-eutrophication?

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