Australia and New Zealand

Alistair Hobday
National contact for Australia
E-mail: alistair.hobday@csiro.au

IMBeR SSC Member since 2017
Past co-Chair of CLIOTOP

CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Climate variability and change, climate adaptation, fisheries management, ecological risk assessments, science-to-policy
Ingrid van Putten
National contact for Australia
E-mail: Ingrid.Vanputten@csiro.au
Web page: Link

IMBeR SSC Member since 2016
Chair of HDWG since 2017

Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and Centre for Marine Socioecology, Hobart, Australia

Modelling the interaction of social and economic behaviour with the biophysical environment
Julie Hall
National contact for New Zealand
E-mail: Julie.Hall@niwa.co.nz
Web page: Link

Past IMBER Chair (2007-2010)

NIWA, Hamilton, New Zealand

Biology and Ecosystems, Microbial food webs