Oral presentations

17 September 2018, Monday

09:00-09:30Opening SessionWelcome Speech
(Xiuzhen Li)Remarks by East China Normal University Delegates
(Subin Wang)Remarks by CJK IMBeR Symposium Organizing Committee Delegates
(Sinjae Yoo, Hiroaki Saito)
Sinjae Yoo
09:30-09:40Progress of IMBeR Project
John Claydon
John Claydon
09:40-09:50CJK IMBeR Symposium: past, present, and future
Ying Wu
Ying Wu
09:50-10:20Group Photo & Morning tea
Session 1: Advances in observation and modelling of physical and biogeochemical processes in the West Pacific regionConveners: Hui Wu, Gi Hoon Hong
Keynote speech
10:20-10:50BGC-Argo observations and physical-biogeochemical modeling in Northwest Pacific | Fei ChaiFei Chai
10:50-11:20The history of Kuroshio studies, the progress and emerging issues | Hiroaki SaitoN/A
Paper presentation
11:20-11:35Seasonal variations in nutrients and biogenic particles in the upper and lower layers of East China Sea Shelf and their export to adjacent seas | Xinyu GuoN/A
11:35-11:50Variability and mechanisms of seasonal hypoxia off the Changjiang Estuary, China | Feng ZhouFeng Zhou
11:50-12:05Physical control on the biogeochemical processes in the Changjiang River estuary | Zhaoru ZhangZhaoru Zhang
14:00-14:15Variability of particle export in the northwestern Pacific | Peng Xiu*N/A
14:15-14:30Transport and transformation of nitrate in the Changjiang Estuary | Shan JiangShan Jiang
14:30-14:45Nutrient supply to the euphotic layer in the Kuroshio and Kuroshio Extension | Yingying HuN/A
14:45-15:00The impact of cyclonic- and anticyclonic- mesoscale eddies on biogeochemistry of dissolved and particulate organic matter in the northern slope of South China Sea | Miao ZhangN/A
15:00-15:15Tracing external sources of nutrients in the East China Sea and evaluating their contributions to primary production | Jing ZhangN/A
15:15-15:35Afternoon tea
15:35-15:50Characterizing photochemical and optical properties of terrigenous dissolved organic matter in Otsuchi Bay, Japan | Chia-Jung LuN/A
15:50-16:05Transient hypoxia extent off Changjiang River Estuary due to mobile Changjiang diluted water | Wenxia ZhangWenxia Zhang
16:05-16:20Isotopic constraints on biogeochemical cycling of selenium in the East China Sea | Yan ChangN/A
16:20-16:35Atmospheric deposition of 7Be, 210Pb and 210Po during typhoons and thunderstorm in Shanghai, China and global data synthesis | Juan DuJuan Du
16:35-16:50Recent surface cooling in the Yellow and East China Seas in association with the North Pacific climate regime shift in 1997/98 | Chan Joo JangChan Joo Jang
17:00-19:00Poster Session (Snacks and Drinks)

18 September 2018, Tuesday

Session 2: The response of marine ecosystems to natural and anthropogenic forcing: past, present and futureConveners: Ying Wu, Thamasak Yeemin
Keynote speech
08:30-09:00A critical re-assessment of the primary productivity of the Yellow Sea, East China Sea and Sea of Japan/East Sea Large Marine Ecosystems | Sinjae YooSinjae Yoo
09:00-09:30Ocean acidification from below in the tropical Pacific | Masao IshiiN/A
Paper presentation
09:30-09:45Potential impact of typhoon on the planktonic ecosystem in the Yellow Sea | Jung-Hoon KangN/A
09:45-10:00Evaluation and prediction of the influences of ocean acidification to the subarctic coast | Masahiko FujiiMasahiko Fujii
10:00-10:15Effect of seasonal acidification on CaCO3 cycling in the Yellow Sea | Weidong ZhaiWeidong Zhai
10:15-10:30Comparative study on the chronology in the sediment of estuary by multi-radionuclides | Jinzhou DuJinzhou Du
10:30-10:50Morning tea
10:50-11:05Decadal changes in East China Sea and Southern Yellow Sea ecosystem | Christina Eunjin KongN/A
11:05-11:20Interannual variability in the chlorophyll concentrations on the Mid-Atlantic Bight along northeast United States | Yi XuYi Xu
11:20-11:35High net growth of phytoplankton under the serious nitrogen limitation in subtropical North Pacific Ocean | Siyu JiangSiyu Jiang
11:35-11:50Vertical distribution of planktonic ciliates in the oceanic and slope areas of the western Pacific Ocean | Wuchang ZhangWuchang Zhang
11:50-12:05Impact of river discharge on the primary productivity and its contribution to the biological productivity in the Indus delta creeks and shelf area | Samina KidwaiSamina Kidwai
12:05-12:20Implementation of ecosystem based coastal resilience management program for minimize the hazards impacts to the coastal communities in Sri Lanka | Anil Premaratne [moved from Session 3]Anil Premaratne
Session 2: The response of marine ecosystems to natural and anthropogenic forcing: past, present and futureConveners: Sinjae Yoo, Masao Ishii
14:00-14:30Managing ecotourism on coral reefs and underwater pinnacles in the Western Gulf of Thailand | Thamasak YeeminThamasak Yeemin
Paper presentation
14:30-14:45Black coral as a new environmental recorder: the iron profiles in coral skeleton from Sanya Bay over the past century | Dan WuN/A
14:45-15:00Lagrangian study of cross-slope transport and its role on phytoplankton bloom in the Northern South China Sea | Ziyuan HuZiyuan Hu
15:00-15:15Spatial and temporal variations of nutrients and chlorophyll a in River Indus, Indus Delta, and adjacent Arabian Sea | Waqar AhmedN/A
15:15-15:35Afternoon tea
15:35-15:50Organic matter input from rivers into coastal waters of Sarawak and related GHG emissions: an overview of ongoing work | Moritz MüellerMoritz Müeller
15:50-16:05Origin and fate of particulate organic matter in a small tropical river – Zuari River, India with special reference to amino acids | Dearlyn FernandesN/A
16:05-16:20Diel observation for amino acids enantiomers in the South China Sea slope | Zhuoyi ZhuN/A
16:20-16:35Trophic interactions of mesopelagic fishes in the South China Sea from the perspective of stable isotopes and fatty acids | Fuqiang WangN/A
16:35-17:00Meet the Editors | Acta Oceanologica SinicaJing Zhou
19:00IMBeR Dinner

19 September 2018, Wednesday

Session 3: Responses of Society to global change in marine systems: ways forwardConveners: Yinji Li, Richard Bellerby
Keynote speech
08:30-09:00Why Human Dimensions today? The meaning of integration of natural science and social science | Mitsutaku MakinoMitsutaku Makino
09:00-09:30Towards a common framework for marginal social-ecological system research | Richard BellerbyRichard Bellerby
Paper presentation
09:30-09:45The future of fishes and fisheries in the Western Pacific Biosphere under the changing ocean | Vicky Wing Yee LamN/A
09:45-10:00Potentiality of IMBeR-ADApT framework for coastal governance in Northeast Asia Seas | Yinji LiN/A
10:00-10:15Joint management of local fishery in Japan and its performance evaluation: a case study of the Sarufutsu Village in Hokkaido | Yao WeiYao Wei
10:15-10:35Morning tea
10:35-10:50The development of coastal governance in Japan | Xiang GaoN/A
10:50-11:05Factors influencingthe resilience of small-scale fishers in the Gulf of Thailand | Suvaluck SatumanatpanSuvaluck Satumanatpan
11:05-11:20Meet the Editors | Anthropocene CoastsWenjing Xie
Discussions & Session 3 Wrap up
11:20-11:40Converners:Mitsutaku Makino, Yinji Li, Richard Bellerby
11:40-11:558th CJK IMBeR Symposium – Closing Address
14:00-17:30The IMBeR Human Dimensions Training Course:Responses of society to global changes in marine systemYinji Li, Mitsutaku Makino, Ling Cao, Gi Hoon Hong

* Presentation cancelled due to speaker’s personal reasons