Visa & Invitation letter


For most participants a visa is required to enter China. In order to apply for a visa, the Chinese embassy in the home country needs to be contacted. Information on the visa requirements for your country can be found here. The requirements vary per country. Please contact the staff at the Chinese Embassy of your home country for details.


Apply for the visa type: F. The F visa is issued to persons who come to China for exchanges, visits, study tours or other relevant activities.

To avoid uncertainty, participants will be advised to apply for a visa as early as possible. It is recommended to apply for a Chinese visa at least 1 month in advance.

CJK IMBeR Symposium invitation letter

The local organiser of the 8th CJK IMBeR Symposium can issue a conference invitation letter. This letter can only be issued after the successful registration.

Please contact Yi-Xue ZHANG ( for a letter of invitation.