April 2023 SSC Meeting Paris

3-6 April, Sorbonne Université, Paris, France

All SSC members have been invited

All co-chairs of RPs, WGs, and IMECaN as well as reps from SCOR and Future Earth have been invited

Suggested Agenda Items

  • ‘How to assess impact’ (IPO-Chair Action row 279)
  • ‘To discuss at the next SSC meeting a proposal for a SCOR working group to prepare synthesis’ (IPO-Chair Action row 224)
  • SCOR review commitments (IPO-Chair Action row 357)

Accommodation close to Sorbonne Université

Private Hotels :

1) Close to Sorbonne Université and classified as a function of the distance to the to the touristic place (3 group the last group is the greatest distance, but possible to go to the quartier latin walking:

        Serotel Lutèce 118 (very charming )

        The people Paris Marais 90

        Les Bulles de paris 94

        Hotel de France Quartier latin 95


        Hotel de Grandes Ecoles 131 Euro

        Hotel du jardin de Plantes 142 Euro

        Hotel des Arènes 118

        Hotel Paris Bastille 85


        Hotel Libertel Austerlitz Jardin 94



2)  Centres Internationaux de séjours à Paris CISP

  www.cisp.fr –special for professor and scientist, more cheap than the hotels, there are 2, the Kellerman is close to the university, but the reservation has to be done now !


Two center in  Paris :


Centre Maurice Ravel Metro Ligne 1 Porte de Vincennes

6 avenue Maurice Ravel, 75012 Paris  01 43 58 96 00 Centre Kellermann Metro Ligne 7 Porte d’Italie

17 boulevard Kellermann, 75013 Paris 01 43 58 95 14