IMBeR ClimEco7 Summer School

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Day 1 Introduction to (transdisciplinary) marine social sciences – Jessica Blythe Day 2 Interconnected SDGs & Ecosystem impacts of climate change – Beth Fulton Day 3 Day 4 Species distribution modelling and ecological forecasting – Stephanie Brodie Day 5


You need to make your own accommodation arrangements.   Once you have been informed that you have beeen selected to attend ClimEco7, you will be able to use this document if you would like to share accommodation: Find a roommate. On campus accommodation We have made a block booking at the Ponderosa Studio Suites – $150 (CAD) per night per studio…

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Tayler Tayler´s main research interests are data deficient fisheries in the tropical Eastern Pacific and how they may be affected by climate change. Tayler started working with fisheries in 2007, as a researcher for the Fisheries and Aquaculture Unit of the University of Costa Rica. There, she gained experience in field biology working with shrimp trawl…


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Jessica Blythe Jessica Blythe is an Assistant Professor at Brock University. Jessica’s research focuses on how communities experience environmental change and what explains their differential capacities for adaptation and transformation. She is particularly interested in building the resilience of local communities to climate change, securing sustainable small-scale fisheries, and equitable collaborative forms of marine resource…