IMBIZO II Integrating biogeochemistry and ecosystems in a changing ocean: Regional comparisons

IMBIZO II Integrating biogeochemistry and ecosystems in a changing ocean: Regional comparisons

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Time: 2010.10.10 – 2010.10.14
Location: Heraklion, Crete, Greece

The workshops

Workshop 1: The effect of varying element ratios on community structure at low   trophic levels and food quality at mid and high trophic levels,

Workshop 2: Large-scale regional comparisons of marine biogeochemistry and ecosystem processes – research approaches and results,

Workshop 3: Sensitivity of marine food webs and biogeochemical cycles to enhanced stratification.

DRY CRUISE workshop: Prior to the IMBER IMBIZO, the Data Management Committee held a data management workshop. This covered the good data management practices given in the IMBER Data Management Cookbook followed by a DRY CRUISE during which the participants used and explored these techniques. 

IMBIZO II awards

Best Oral – Workshop 1

  • Paraskevi Mara  – UOC, Greece
  • Title: Nitrogen cycling in the Eastern Mediterranean sea: an isotopic perspective

Best Oral  – Workshop 2

  • Zouhair Lachkar  – ETHZ, Switzerland
  • Title: Coastal upwelling systems under changing climate: a comparative study of the California and the Canary current systems.

Best Oral  – Workshop 3

  • Ryan Rykaczewski – NOAA, USA
  • Title: Decoupling of the temperature-nutrient relationship in the California current ecosystem with global climate change.

Best Poster – Workshop 1

  • Andrew King – USC, USA
  • Title: Variability in phytoplankton trace metal stoichiometry from culture and field-based studies.

Best Poster  – Workshop 2

  • Joel Llopiz – RSMAS, USA
  • Title: The prey environment and feeding of larval fishes in the tropical open ocean with a comparison to higher latitudes.

Best Poster – Workshop 3

  • Taketo Hashioka  – JAMSTEC, Japan
  • Title: Potential impact of global warming on North Pacific spring blooms projected by an eddy-permitting 3-D ecosystem model.



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