Early career scientist workshop: `The ABC of presenting: Audience-friendly, Brief and Clear

Are you out there, telling the world how exciting and brilliant your research is? No? Why not? Finding the words and the will to step up and speak out – that’s the hard part, right? You know your science but perhaps you lack the confidence you need to connect with your audience. The good news is: “Great speakers are not born, they’re trained” (Dale Carnegie).

The ABC of presenting” merges drama exercises and techniques with rhetorical clarity. This workshop will  help you shape a short presentation of your research into a talk to wow your audience.
The workshop will be split into two parts:

On Monday 7 September 2015, the ABC of presenting will be introduced: we will share techniques and try out practical exercises. During the week of the conference participants will be able to integrate this work into their public speaking and monitor their own progress and experience.
Friday 11 September 2015, participants reconvene to review the week and share experiences. We will identify: what works for me? Where and how can I improve even more?

Application will be accepted up to PhD + 3 years.
Apply today by downloading the application form and sending it to the solas-osc@geomar.de
Deadline for application: 27 May 2015