Deep-water submarine canyons and slopes in the Mediterranean and Cantabrian seas: from synchrony of external forcings to living resources (DOSMARES)

Summary of the project

The general objective of the DOSMARES project is twofold. First, we aim at understanding the effects of the atmospheric teleconnections between the Bay of Biscay (or Cantabrian Sea) and the north-western Mediterranean Sea, and their impacts on the deep ecosystem, both pelagic and benthic. Second, we want to know in which way the transfer of the signal from the external forcings towards the deep ecosystem controls the community structure and the population dynamics, thus affecting valuable living resources. It is our understanding that the approach and the geographic span of the DOS MARES project has been never attempted before by Marine Science research in Spain. The project is structured along three Axes of Activity, each of them corresponding to a work package: 1) Characterization of external forcings and abiotic conditions; 2) Links between abiotic conditions, populations and pelagic and benthopelagic resources; and 3) Links between abiotic conditions, populations and benthic resources.

We expect from this project that strong synergies will be generated between the participating research groups and that it will be highly beneficial for the overall knowledge of the seas surrounding the Iberian Peninsula.

Area of study

Research will be carried out in two areas: the submarine canyons of Aviles and Blanes, in the Bay of Biscay and the north-western Mediterranean Sea, respectively, and the adjacent continental slopes.

TimeTable for activities

1st January 2012 – 31st December 2013