Australia and New Zealand

Alistair Hobday

National contact for Australia

IMBeR SSC Member since 2017
Past co-Chair of CLIOTOP

CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Climate variability and change, climate adaptation, fisheries management, ecological risk assessments, science-to-policy

Ingrid van Putten
National contact for Australia
Web page:Link

IMBeR SSC Member since 2016
Chair of HDWG since 2017

Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and Centre for Marine Socioecology, Hobart, Australia

Modelling the interaction of social and economic behaviour with the biophysical environment

Julie Hall
National contact for New Zealand
Web page:Link

Past IMBER Chair (2007-2010)

NIWA, Hamilton, New Zealand

Biology and Ecosystems, Microbial food webs