Chinese Marginal Seas Case Study Group

Topic: Eco-environmental assessment and sustainability for the Chinese marginal seas

Key Issues

The Chinese marginal seas are surrounded by land regions with a rapid population rise and economic development, which have resulted in the adjacent coastal water experiencing the strong stress of human perturbation and have imposed on the already stressed marine ecosystems affected by climate change. The objective of the Chinese marginal seas case study is to to understand the impacts of major societal needs on the eco-environment of Chinese marginal seas and their further consequences to human well-being, to provide knowledge base for actions toward healthier ecosystems and sustained ecosystem services, and to meet the Grand Challenges in the earth system for sustainability.

  • Eutrophication and pollution status: past, present, and future;
  • Mariculture and its sustainability;
  • Service variability and sustainable management.


The ecological environments of Chinese marginal seas are experiencing eutrophication, pollution, and changing freshwater input, massive and intensive aquaculture, over-fishing, excess land reclamation, course shifts, land use change, and climate change; the effects of which may have disproportionately large impacts, which restricted the sustainability of Chinese marginal seas ecosystem and their contributions to human well-being.

Task 1: The eco-environment change in the last 50 years (Su Mei Liu)

Task 2: Impacts of mariculture on eco-environment and scientific basis actions for sustainability (Zeng-Jie Jiang)

Task 3: Occurrence, ecological impact and management strategy of emerging pollutants in marine and polar environment (Jin-dong Ma)

Task 4: Environmental risks of microplastics pollution and sustainable development strategies in coastal zones (Yong-Ming Luo, Chen Tu)

Task 5: Coastal zone management and policy in the context of sustainable development goals (Jia-Yu Bai)


Full Members

Yong-Ming Luo (Links to FEC)

Institute of Soil Science, 

Chinese Academy of Science

Zeng-Jie Jiang

Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute,

Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences

Xin-Dong Ma

National Marine Environmental Monitoring

Center, Ministry of Ecology and Environment

Jia-Yu Bai

Law School, Ocean University of China,

Ministry of Education

Su Mei Liu

Ocean University of China,

Ministry of Education