Who is involved?

Annette Breckwoldt
E-mail: annette.breckwoldt@leibniz-zmt.de
Web page: Link

Alfred Wegener Institute
Helmholtz Centre for Polor and Marine Research
Bremerhaven, Germany
Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology (ZMT) Bremen, Germany

Coastal management; Social-ecological systems; Small-scale fisheries; Local marine resource use and management realities; Small islands; Science-stakeholder interaction processes.

Samiya A. Selim
E-mail: samiya.selim@ulab.edu.bd
Web page: Link

Center for Sustainable Development, University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh (CSD-ULAB)

Social-ecological systems; Coastal Management; Ecosystem based adaptation to climate change; Biodiversity conservation; Sustainable development; Science-Policy interphase

Yinji Li
E-mail: riginki@tokai-u.jp
Web page: Webpage

Tokai University
Shizuoka, Japan

Coastal governance, Coastal fisheries governance, Coastal community revitalization

Priscila Lopes
Member since 2018
E-mail: pmaccord@gmail.com
Web page: Link

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Natal, Brazil

Small-scale fisheries, social-ecological resilience, co-management

Grant Murray
Member since 2018
E-mail: grant.murray@duke.edu
Web page: Link

Duke University, NC, USA

Research interests: marine social-ecological system dynamics, linked socio-cultural, economic and ecological challenges facing coastal communities

Prateep Nayak
Member since 2017
E-mail: pnayak@uwaterloo.
Web page: Link

University of Waterloo. Waterloo, ON, Canada

Environmental Change; Coastal governance, Social-ecological systems; Marginalization, justice and power

Henrik Österblom
Member since 2017
E-mail: henrik.osterblom@su.se
Web page: Link

Stockholm Resilience Center, Stockholm University. Stockholm, Sweden

Globalization of marine social-ecological systems. International relations and the dynamics of transnational corporations; Seabirds and ecosystem change

Associate Members

Alida Bundy
Associate Member
E-mail: alida.bundy@dfo-mpo.gc.ca
Web page: Website

Ocean Ecosystem Science

Bedford Institute of Oceanography
Dartmouth, Canada

Marine ecosystem functioning, fisheries exploitation

Ratana Chuenpagdee
Associate Member
E-mail: ratanac@mun.ca
Web page: Website

Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John´s, Canada

Interdisciplinary, governance

Sarah Cooley
Associate Member
E-mail: scooley@oceanconservancy.org
Web page: Website

Ocean Conservancy,
Washington DC, USA

Ocean acidification, marine chemistry, geochemistry

Omar Defeo
Associate Member
E-mail: odefeo@dinara.gub.uy
Web page: Link

Universidad de la República
Montevideo, Uruguay

Conservation of biodiversity, management of fisheries

Bernhard Glaeser
Associate Member
E-mail: bernhardglaeser@googlemail.com
Web page: Website

German Society for Human Ecology
Berlin, Germany

Social sciences

Moenieba Isaacs
Associate Member
E-mail: misaacs@uwc.ac.za
Web page: Website

University of Western Cape
Cape Town, South Africa

Social sciences

Mitsutaku Makino
Associate Member
E-mail: mmakino@affrc.go.jp
Web page: Link

National Research Institute of Fisheries Science, Yokohama, Japan

Policy, economics

Ian Perry
Associate Member
E-mail: Ian.Perry@dfo-mpo.gc.ca
Web page: Website

Fisheries and Oceans Canada,
Nanaimo, Canada

Marine biology

Ingrid van Putten
Associate Member
E-mail: Ingrid.Vanputten@csiro.au
Web page: Link

Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and Centre for Marine Socioecology, Hobart, Australia

Modelling the interaction of social and economic behaviour with the biophysical environment