Session 5: Towards the Sustainable Indo-Pacific Region (IPR): Marine Biogeochemistry and Biodiversity

Co-moderators: Shan Jiang, East China Normal University (China)

                         Aazani binti Mujahid, University Malaysia Sarawak (Malaysia)

                         Deo Florence L. Onda, University of the Philippines (The Philippines)

                         Romanus Edy Prabowo, Universitas Jenderal Soedirman (Indonesia)

                         Jing Zhang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University / East China Normal University (China)

About this session

The IPR is the linkage between the West Pacific Ocean and the East Indian Ocean, covering complex ocean channels and numerous tropical islands. As an important node for global ocean conveyor belt, the IPR hosts active interactions among atmosphere, water and soil/sediments. The high-level biodiversity in the IRP is also well known, likely supported by the diverse biogeochemical processes and warm environment. This session focuses on the biogeochemistry studies from the view of climate change, e.g., solute dispersion, chemical transformation and biological assimilation, as well as biodiversity research across temporal scales, e.g., species diversity, evolutionary origins and biodiversity drivers. Furthermore, as a region deeply influenced by anthropogenic activities, topics regarding marine economics and management are also welcome in this session.

  • Deadline for abstracts: 15 September
  • An example abstract is provided here