Session 8: Ecosystem, Biogeochemistry, and Interventions in the Western Pacific and its Marginal Seas: Beyond the Disciplinary Borders

Co-moderators: Hiroaki Saito, The University of Tokyo (Japan)

                         Ying Wu, East China Normal University (China)

About this session

Marine ecosystems are under serious pressure of anthropogenic perturbations such as global warming, ocean acidification, coastal development, IUU fishing. The ecosystem changes are inducing the degradation of marine ecosystem services, which are the foundation of human society, and have affected economic activities and the welfare of coastal residents. Science-based policymaking is necessary for the sustainable use of marine ecosystem services under the on-going pressures. However, our understand on the complex and diverse ecosystem structure and dynamics of the western Pacific Ocean, the biogeochemical cycle, and their responses to climate change is limited. Preparing the best scientific knowledge to decision makers is an emergent request to scientists from society.

This session invites studies of marine ecosystem, biogeochemistry, their response to natural and anthropogenic climate perturbations and adaptation-focused interventions in the Western North Pacific and its marginal seas, especially those with interdisciplinary approach. Studies with new technique such as BGC-Argo, molecular biology, earth system model/regional ecosystem and BGC model, are welcome.

  • Deadline for abstracts: 15 September
  • An example abstract is provided here