4th CLIOTOP Symposium


4th CLIOTOP Symposium

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Oceanic biodiversity under climate change: shifts in natural and human systems

Increased pressure is being placed on wildlife as our global climate changes, habitats are modified and resources are consumed. Understanding the function of species and populations in ecosystems, their key habitats and resource requirements and their capacity to adapt to a changing environment are essential in the management of ecosystems.

The Fourth CLIOTOP Symposium aims to:

  1. Evaluate the responses to and impacts of climate variability and change on marine top predator species and their food chains, and dependent socio-economic and management systems over short to longer time scales.
  2. Identify risk assessment and evaluation tools that incorporate climate variability in order to improve sustainable resource management (conservation, fisheries, spatial planning, etc.).
  3. Develop and evaluate adaptation and mitigation strategies at the single species, multi-species and ecosystem scales that address the cumulative nature of pressures (e.g. climate change, tourism, noise, pollution, fishing) placed on top predators and the ecosystems that support them.

Scientific Committee   Organising Committee
Kevin Weng (USA)
Karen Evans (Australia)
Haritz Arrizabalaga (Spain)
Mary Gasalla (Brazil)
Alistair Hobday (Australia)
Takashi Kitagawa (Japan)
Masashi Kiyota (Japan)
Lilis Sadiyah (Indonesia)
Sebastian Villasante (Spain)
  Kevin Weng (USA)
Karen Evans (Australia)
Alistair Hobday (Australia)
Kuo-Wei Lan (Taiwan, China)
Ming-An Lee (Taiwan, China)
Joel Llopiz (USA)
Lisa Maddison (Norway)
Nan-Jay Su (Taiwan, China) 

Important dates

  • Early bird registration and abstracts open: February 2018
  • Deadline for abstracts and early bird registration closes: 30 June 2018
  • Acceptance of abstracts: 31 July 2018
  • Registration closes: 30 September 2018


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Date And Time

15 October 2018 to
19 October 2018

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