SOLAS Science and Society Workshop

SOLAS Science and Society Workshop

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Time: – 2016.10.27
Location: Brussels, Belgium

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Deadline for applications: 08 August 2016

SOLAS Science and Society Workshop seeking application

Where: Brussels, Belgium at the European Liaison Office of the German Research Organisations

When: 26-27 October 2016

The Surface Ocean – Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS) project is pleased to announce that a free workshop on the topic of `SOLAS Science and Society` will take place in late October this year. The workshop will bring together researchers in the field of ocean-atmosphere interactions and social scientists.

One of the goals of Future Earth, the newest SOLAS sponsor, is to more tightly couple science and society. This is a rather bold new step for SOLAS scientists, as to date the most intense coupling in our community has been only on the topic of geoengineering. During the SOLAS Open Science Conference in Kiel in September, 2015, a discussion session was held regarding this idea. One aim of the discussion was to identify SOLAS scientists interested in pursuing this integrating effort and some ideas on topics and procedures. The main outcome of the discussion was that there is clear interest within the SOLAS community to participate in joint scientific research with social scientists.

In order to facilitate this process, we have decided to hold a two day workshop focusing on three separate topics:

  • Valuing carbon and the ocean’s role,
  • (In)Forming policy across the air-sea interface, and
  • The shipping industry and air-sea interactions.

The workshop schedule is planned as follows:

Day 1:  
Plenary session: Introduction to SOLAS, Future Earth, and the objectives of the workshop
Three breakout sessions
Group dinner

Day 2:   
Continue with breakout sessions
Plenary session: Discuss outcomes and next steps


The topic sessions will be led by a social scientist and natural scientist, with the intention to work toward a project proposal or equivalent. For example, we could propose the formation of an EU Innovative Training Network, a new institution (e.g. Frauenhofer), a nation specific or multilateral research proposal (e.g. France-Stanford Center), or a peer-reviewed publication.
We expect that work will continue after the workshop is finished, with the topic leaders guiding the submission of proposals and papers. The confirmed topic leaders so far are Nathalie Hilmi from the Scientific Center of Monaco, Erik van Doorn from CAU University, Kiel, Christa Marandino from GEOMAR, Andrew Peters from the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, and Sonja Endres from GEOMAR. Peter Liss from the University of East Anglia will give a talk in the plenary about SOLAS and Future Earth, as he has been named the co-lead of the Future Earth KAN-Oceans project.


If you wish to participate in the workshop, please email Christa Marandino  by 15 July, 2016 with a 200 word explanation of why you would like to attend and which topic you would be interested in joining. The workshop is free for all and the catering and 2 day hotel expenses for 25 people are provided by SOLAS. In your email please indicate if you would like to apply for free accommodation. Notifications of acceptance will be send out by mid-August.

We hope to see you in Brussels!

Christa Marandino, Erik van Doorn, SOLAS International Project Office and Scientific Steering Committee


SOLAS International Project Office 
GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for
Ocean Research Kiel

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