IMBeR Contribution to the 2022 UN Ocean Conference

IMBeR Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) and community members contributed to the 2022 UN Ocean Conference that took place in Lisbon, Portugal in late June and early July. 

Ocean Negative Carbon Emission and Sustainable Development

The event focused on addressing, in particular, ocean negative carbon emission (ONCE) approaches and relevant ocean-based solutions for the mitigation of climate change and the sustainable development of coastal ecosystems and the society as a whole. Read more here

Prof. Carol Robinson, past IMBeR SSC Chair, was the session moderator. IMBeR was an organizing partner.

Future Earth's marine networks: a trans- and interdisciplinary scientific community working toward the achievement of the SDGs

Future Earth presents its marine networks and their co-production of knowledge to contribute to achieving SDG14, SDG13, and others by connecting, amplifying, and scaling knowledge for sustainability.

Dr. Alice Newton, IMBeR SSC Vice-Chair, presented about IMBeR as a network. 

Developing the capacity we need for the ocean we want

Capacity development is the key to creating an appropriately trained workforce able to co-design science-based knowledge and innovative solutions. This trained workforce is required to develop a sustainable blue economy, particularly in developing countries, and to ultimately achieve SDG14.

This side event focused on how to design and implement the capacity development we need to achieve the 2030 agenda by showcasing:

  • Existing global and regional initiatives that build upon the foundation of capacity development for ocean sciences
  • Lessons learned from case studies and/or success stories from beneficiaries of training programs
  • Recommendations on an action plan for the ocean for scientists, policymakers, local communities and the private sector to accelerate global CD efforts and responses to achieve SDG14 in the current decade

Read more about this side event here

Prof. Carol Robinson, past IMBeR Scientific Steering Committee Chair, spoke at the SCOR organized virtual side event “Developing the capacity we need for the ocean we want”. Carol has a passion for outreach, mentoring and engagement. 

From the Southern Ocean to the Arctic - a Call to Action via the UN Ocean Decade

For the first time, the two Polar Ocean initiatives came together in one session to discuss cross-cutting issues from both the Southern Ocean and the Arctic Ocean.

Co-organised by IMBeR Regional Programme, Integrating Climate and Ecosystem Dynamics (ICED).

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