Linking social wellbeing and intersectionality to understand gender relations in dried fish value chains

Authors: Madu Galappaththi, Andrea Collins, Derek Armitage, Prateep Nayak

This perspective paper advances a comprehensive framework to integrate gender within the study of dried fish value chains. We do so by linking three complementary areas of scholarship: social wellbeing, intersectionality, and value chains. In developing the framework, a key point of departure from existing literature is the notion of relationality (i.e., the creation of experiences in relation to one another within a given context). We demonstrate the contribution of the novel framework by applying it within dried fish case examples from Bangladesh, Tanzania, and Sri Lanka. Our framework helps systematically unpack how gender intersects with other structures of oppression and perpetuate gender inequity while resulting in a ‘thick description’ of gender relations operating in dried fish value chains.

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