Completed Endorsed Projects during IMBeR 2016-2025

Here are the links to the completed projects (during IMBeR 2016-2025 ) and theirs descripions in our arcive. 

Completed Project (abbreviation) Project Name Duration Contacts
INTAROS Integrated Arctic Observation System 2016-2021 Stein Sandven and Geir Ottersen
MCS-CNS Mechanisms of Marine Carbon Storage and Coupled Carbon, Nitrogen and Sulphur cycles in response to global change 2016-2021 Shucheng Xie
LEDS Living-resource & Ecosystem Dynamics on the Slope of the South China Sea 2014-2018 Meng Zhou and Ying Wu
MEMFiS Marine Ecosystem Modeling and Forecasting System in the China Seas and Northwestern Pacific 2016-2020 Fei Chai, Hao Wei, Feng Zhou, Peng Xiu and Shan Gao
PACECS Processes and Approaches of Coastal Ecosystem Carbon Sequestration 2016-2021 Yao Zhang
SKED The Study of Kuroshio Ecosystem Dynamics for Sustainable Fisheries 2011-2021 Hiroaki Saito
VOCAB Ocean Acidification and Biogeochemistry: variability, trends and vulnerability 2017-2021 Rachel Cave