International Project Office

The main tasks of the International Project Office (IPO) are to:

  • assist the IMBeR SSC in planning and carrying out scientific research;
  • serve as a channel of communication between scientists working in different countries on various aspects of global change; and
  • assist the SSC in collating information on national and regional programmes of global change research relating to IMBeR, to ensure that there is no unnecessary duplication of effort and that IMBeR makes effective use of existing knowledge in its analysis of processes and change at all relevant scales.


Lisa Maddison
Deputy Executive Officer
Tel.: +47 95 36 57 08
E-mail: lisa.maddison@imr.no

Lisa is a marine biologist who spent many years doing marine resource management on the west coast of South Africa. She swapped over to project coordination and joined IMBeR in 2009.
Veslemøy Kjersti Villanger
Administrative Assistant
Tel.: +47 55 23 85 55
E-mail: veslemoy@imr.no

Veslemøy divides her time doing archiving at the Institute of Marine Research and dealing with all the administrative and logistical tasks at the IMBeR IPO.