Fisher-women Champion Sustainable Ocean Governance

Governance of coastal and marine resources is a complex socio-ecological endeavour in many African countries. Achieving a balance between food security and economic empowerment, and conservation and sustainable use of marine resources is daunting. Women in West Africa are leading the way and demonstrating a pathway for food fish security through rights-based co-management of estuarine and mangrove shellfisheries.

This study of the scale of estuarine and mangrove ecosystem-based shellfisheries in 11 countries in West Africa revealed the gender dynamics and implications for the sustainable management of this small-scale fishery.

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Chuku, E. O., Effah, E., Adotey, J., Abrokwah, S., Adade, R., Okyere, I., Aheto, D. W., Kent, K., Osei, I. K., Omogbemi, E. D., Adité, A., Ahoedo, K., Sankoh, S. K., Soro, Y., Wélé, M., Saine, D. F., and Crawford, B. (2022). Spotlighting women-led fisheries livelihoods toward sustainable coastal governance: The estuarine and mangrove ecosystem shellfisheries of West Africa. Frontiers in Marine Science. 9:884715. doi:

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