IMBeR Scientists Highlight the Need for an Action Plan for the Ocean

The oceans are changing, affecting human communities across the world. The UN Decade of Ocean Science for sustainable development has generated a global focus on the ocean and its importance for humanity. Extensive projects and activities have been initiated to improve understanding of the ocean and the impacts of change.

Over the coming decades, further major changes in the ocean are inevitable. In a Correspondence article published in Nature a team of IMBeR scientists emphasize the urgent need to plan and prepare for ocean change. IMBeR is developing a systematic risk-based approach to planning and preparing for ocean change and is encouraging the community to become involved.

Murphy, E.J., Robinson, C., Hobday, A.J., Newton, A., Glaser, M., Evans, K., Dickey-Collas, M. Brodie, S. and Gehlen, M. (2022) Ocean sustainability: act before it’s too late. Nature 609, 676, doi:


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