IMBIZO 6: Buoyant Solutions for Ocean Sustainability

IMBIZO6 was an endorsed United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development activity. The meeting was held virtually in October 2021.

IMBIZO 6 Recordings

IMECaN Event | Plenary and Keynote | Workshop 1 | Workshop 2 | Workshop 3

Plenary and Keynote Presentations

Opening and Welcome

Carol Robinson

Keynote presentation for Workshop 1: Exploring Potential Marine Options for Climate Intervention

Kerryn Brent
University of Adelaide Law School, Australia

Keynote presentation for Workshop 2: Lighting the Grey Zone

Inna Senina
CLS, France

Keynote presentation for Workshop 3: Ocean Governance and Climate Adaptation

Clement Yow Mulalap

Workshop 1 Report Back

Workshop 2 Report Back

Workshop 3 Report Back

IMBIZO 6 Closing

Carol Robinson