IMBIZO 6: Buoyant Solutions for Ocean Sustainability

IMBIZO6 was an endorsed United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development activity. The meeting was held virtually in October 2021

IMBIZO 6 Recordings

IMECaN Event | Plenary and Keynote | Workshop 1 | Workshop 2 | Workshop 3

Workshop 2: Lighting the 'grey zone': how can we integrate human dimensions in decadal-scale prediction systems?

Day 1

Scene setting – topic, objectives and format of the workshop

Pillar 1: modelling the natural system (focus on decadal predictions) – invited speaker + Q&A

Mark Payne

Lightening Talks

Day 2

Recap of previous day’s activities

Pillar 2: integrated modelling for marine socio-ecological systems – invited speaker + Q&A

Alan Haynie

Pillar 2: Facilitated discussion

Lightening Talks

Day 3

Introducing Pillar 3

Pillar 3: scenarios used in modelling approaches of Pillars 1 and 2 – invited speaker + Q&A

Andrew Merrie

Pillar 3: Facilitated Discussion

Lightening Talks

Day 4

Recap of previous days’ activities

Pillar 3: Invited speaker and Q&A

Bringing the threads together