IMBIZO 6: Buoyant Solutions for Ocean Sustainability

IMBIZO6 was an endorsed United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development activity. The meeting was held virtually in October 2021

IMBIZO 6 Recordings

IMECaN Event | Plenary and Keynote | Workshop 1 | Workshop 2 | Workshop 3

Workshop 3: Ocean governance and climate adaption: comparing responses, charting future courses

Day 1

Outline and structure of the workshop

Workshop participant introductions

New Zealand’s Ocean Climate Adaptation Laws and Policies

Climate Change Adaptation and Ocean Acidification Governance: Perspective from China

Jaiyu Bai

Oceans and Climate Change Adaptation in India

Tony George

Discussion 1

Law and Policy Theme

Managing Across Boundaries: Shifts in Stock Distribution Challenges United States’ Northeastern Atlantic Fisheries Management

Juliano Palacios Abrantes

Adaptive Capacity of Small-scale Fisheries in Coastal Uruguay: Synergies Between National Policies and Local Perspectives

Micaela Trimble


Uncovering Water Quality and Evaluating Vulnerabilities of Smallscale Fisheries in Chilika Lagoon, India

Navya V. Nair


Discussion 2

Fisheries Theme

Summary of day 1, outline of approach for outputs and plan for organizing associated tasks for the week

Day 2

Welcome and recap of previous day’s activities

Canada and Ocean Climate Adaptation: Navigating Multilevel Governance Responses, Charting Future Courses

Laura Graham

National Laws and Policies Undermine Adaptive Capacities in Fisheries in B.C., Canada

Taylor Reidlinger

Fit for Purpose? Assessing Chilean Climate Change Adaptation Laws and Policies from the Perspective of Marine Aquaculture

Ceclia Engler

Discussion 3

Law and Policy Theme

Pathways to Sustaining Tuna-dependent Pacific Island Economies During Climate Change

Johann Bell

Syndicating Ocean Science to Underpin Fisheries Management: Science Networks and Partnerships Needed to Deliver Regional-scale Science to Underpin Fisheries Management in a Changing Climate

Patrick Lehodey, Simon Nicol

The Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) ‘Vessel Day Scheme’: A Cooperative Fishery Management Mechanism Assisting Member Countries Adapt to Climate Variability and Change

Sangaa Clark

Governance Pathways for Achieving Sustained Economies and Climate Justice

Quentin Hanich

Discussion 4

Fisheries Theme

Climate Adaptation in the United States

Robin Craig

Cross Jurisdictional Adaptation

Beth Fulton

Adapting to Climate Change: Lessons from the States

Anna Zivian

Interventions across the IMBeR Regional Programmes

Alistair Hobday

Discussion 5

Tools for Adaptation Theme

Summary of day 2, assignment of any further outputs associated tasks

Day 3

Welcome and Re-cap of Day 2 discussions and output progress

Challenges for Sustainable Development: ICT Based Monitoring and Tracking of an Indian Coastal Region

Somita Chaudhari

Respondents Knowledge Integration in MSP of Moheshkhali Island: Planning for Sustainable Management

Mohammad Saydul Islam Sarkar


Utilising IPCC Assessments to Support the Ecosystem Approach to Management within a Warming Southern Ocean

Rachel Cavanagh

Discussion 6

Ecosystems Theme

Northeast Climate Integrated Modeling to Meet Ocean Decision Challenges

Lisa Kerr

Integrating Climate Change into Marine Protected Area Management Plans

Vincenzo C

Saving the North Atlantic Right Whale in a Changing Ocean: Progressions and Challenges in Adaptive Ocean Governance

Olga Koubrak

Marine Protected Area Planning in Aotearoa New Zealand: Reflections on Participation and Process

Kate Davies

Discussion 7

Ecosystems Theme

The Status of Climate Change Adaptation in Fisheries Management: Policy, Legislation and Implementation

Andrea Bryndum-Buchholz

Governance Challenges for Coastal Aquaculture in the Global South Under Climate Change Conditions

Marion Glaser

Discussion 8

Law and Policy Theme

Day 4

Welcome and recap of Day 3 discussions and output progress

Climate Adaptation Pathways and the Role of Social-ecological Networks in Smallscale Fisheries

Diego Salgueiro Otero

Social-Ecological Vulnerability to Climate Change and Risk Governance in Small-scale Fishing Communities of Bangladesh

Rumana Sultana

Discussion 9

Fisheries Theme

Assessing South Africa’s Potential to Address Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in the Fisheries Sector

Kelly Ortega-Cisneros

Ecological Sensitivity and Vulnerability of the Landings in Portuguese Fisheries: species prioritization for adaptation Plans

Marta Albo-Puigserver