IMBeR OC-PC Activity Funded by the ESA-Future Earth Joint Program in 2023

Online workshops, trainee mentoring and digital ‘demonstration tools’ for stakeholders: ‘Expanding EO data usage to address climatic changes in the marine biosphere of the northwest Pacific and Indo-Pacific regional seas’

This project stems from the ongoing IMBeR study group activities of the Ocean Colour-based Plant species identification and Carbon flux in the Indo-Pacific oceans (OCPC) and coastal studies in relation to Future Earth Coasts. Compared with European seas, the optical characteristics of coastal and open ocean waters of the northwest Pacific and the Indo-Pacific regional seas have not been investigated enough to support sustainable exploitation of marine resources. Human pressures and climate change pose many issues such as eutrophication, heat waves, and unsustainable exploitation of the marine biosphere. Through the synergistic use and fusion of multi-source, multi-temporal and high spatial scale data from geostationary and polar-orbiting satellites, the team aim to quantify the basic optical properties of these seas, and identify major phytoplankton species and groups and the key factors controlling the biological carbon pumps in these seas. The group will expand their demonstration efforts of the Earth observation data and their open software tools, holding a series of online training workshops. Ten trainees will be selected from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines who will be mentored to carry out validation and tailoring of the software to their region. Digital demonstration tools will be developed to support communication with governments and regional fisheries and environmental management departments for informed decision making.

Contact: Fang Shen

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